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Steel 12000 275
Non Ferrous Metals 12000 275
Ferro Alloys 6500 160
Rubber 4000 100
Plastics 5500 135
Fuel & Enrgy 6500 160
Currency and Banking 4500 110
Manpower 6500 160
Manpower 6500 160
Manpower 6500 160
Manpower 6000 160
Alloy Steel 4500 110
GST 18%
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  1. Subscription will start within 5 working days of realization of payment in normal working conditions.
  2. Objective of this endeavor is to provide relevant information for strategic decision making & not meant for influencing commercial transactions. Our liability is restricted to providing of information and not the resultant.
  3. You will not share, publish, upload, transmit, reproduce, redistribute or in any other manner make available the statistical information compiled and provided by CostMasters, without the express prior permission of CostMasters. On being permitted, the user shall always mention the source of the statistical information i.e. CostMasters.
  4. Any incidence of single copy being used by multiple users will result in immediate cancellation of supply of statistical information without any refund for the remaining period.
  5. Depending on availability of data from respective sources, commodities may increase and decrease time to time at sole discretion of CostMasters.
  6. CostMasters reserve the sole right to review increase or decrease subscription charges.
  7. User indemnifies CostMasters from any damage resulting from mis-interpretation or use of data. CostMasters legal liability is strictly restricted to subscription amount paid by user.
  8. In case of any taxes or levies imposed by tax authorities during the period of subscription, user will have to bear and pay the balance amount, enabling us to ensure continuous services.
  9. Although all the efforts are being made to ensure diligence and accuracy of data, still some errors may occur, which will be corrected time to time.
  10. In case of Hardware or software malfunction, we will try our best to restore the services in minimum possible time. User will have to bear with us during such unavoidable circumstances.
  11. Any dispute is subject to chandigarh jurisdiction.