Steel Commodity

Understanding EN 8 Material Prices in India

In the realm of industrial materials, understanding the pricing and availability of specific grades is crucial for businesses and manufacturers like EN8, which is a widely used steel grade that is famous for its versatility and durability and holds a significant place in various sectors across India. Their applications are diverse and demand-driven. So, to…

Steel Commodity

Latest Nickel Price Trend in 2024

According to professional’s prediction a substantial increase in supply for 2024, which is fueled by heightened production in china and Indonesia, which will lead to overall down trend in Nickel prices. China’s expanding domestic refining capacity, the nickel market is preparing to establish a new equilibrium, ensuring a balance between supply and evolving demand. Overview…

Alloy Steel
Steel Commodity

Alloy Steel Price, Trend and Market Consumption in India 2024

CostMaters provides you with a complete overview of the steel industry and the value chain through market forecasts and analysis, market-leading price assessments, and comprehensive price services, all driven by analysts using transparent and robust methodologies. The company analysis mainly focuses on demand and supply fundamentals. So, in this article, you will learn all the…