Best Should Costing Software in India

Costing Software in India

Introduction about Manufacturing Cost Estimation Software

CostMasters has introduced the intelligent Cost Estimator (a cost estimation software) that calculate the complete product cost for you and also the process cost. It covers a range of processes ranges from Non-ferrous Casting, Ferrous Casting, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Plastic Injection Moulding, Forging, Rubber Injection Moulding, Pipes & Tubes Bending, Wiring Harness, Extrusion Rubber & Plastic etc.

This Manufacturing cost estimation software calculates the cost including BOM (Bill Of Material), RFQ Management, RM Impact Report.

It also calculates the MHR (Machine Hour Rate), Detailed Process Cost Calculation.

Make your business smart with CostMasters Costing Software

CostMasters provides a Cost Estimation Software in India and we track the prices of the commodity more than 140 commodities. This software will save your time in tracking the prices of Ferrous price in India, Non-Ferrous, Stainless steel, steel prices in India. You can upload the BOM (Bill of Materials) using the Export-Import method of Excel sheet.

Grow your business in Just few steps

Basically we provide Raw Materials Price Tracking Services, Commodity Price Forecasting, Steel Price Forecasting, Online Procurement Software and etc. And you can enter your costing values manually or you can import your Excel file CostMasters software has the ability to save it into database and return back your costing to you with formula’s calculations.

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