Unveiling the Secrets of Galvanised Steel: Understanding Production and Pricing

Galvanised Steel

Rust, the main enemy of steel, among all types of metal structures, galvanised is the best one since it can resist the rust and make this material to live longer. However, do we understand what galvanised steel really means and how it gains such an epithet? This article gets into the world of galvanised steel to find out how it is made and which factors determine Galvanised Steel Price in India.

What constitutes Galvanised Steel?

Galvanised or better known as steel covered with minute amount zinc. The zinc coating forms a kind of protective barrier that corrodes selectively instead of the underneath iron. In moist air, oxygen reacts with exposed zinc surface resulting in stable layer called zinc oxide preventing further corrosion by inhibiting water from direct contact with iron surface. This simple method significantly enhances durability of metal making it perfect for various uses.

Manufacturing Process of Galvanised Steel

Surface Preparation: The steel undergoes rigorous cleaning to remove dirt, grease, and mill scale. This ensures a good bond between the steel and the zinc coating.

Cleaning: The cleaned steel is put into a bath of flux, for example, zinc ammonium chloride. This helps in the removal of any remaining oxides and prepares the steel surface for optimal adhesion to zinc.

Hot dip process: It is then dipped in to a bath of molten zinc at temperature about 460°C (860°F). When zinc reacts with the steel surface, it forms a metallurgical bond.

Cooling and Finishing: The cooled metal is removed from the zinc bath and allowed to cool by air-quenching. On these bases additional post dipping treatment such as chromating or passivating can be done.

With galvanised steel, the thickness of the coating determines how long it will last against corrosion. Thicker coatings offer better protection but increase material costs as well.

Galvanised Steel Applications

Galvanised steel has an outstanding resistance to corrosion that makes it one of the most versatile materials used in many different industries mentioned below. The galvanised steel price in India highly effected by demand from these sectors.

  • Construction: Roof sheets, wall cladding, purlins etc
  • Automotive: Body panels, chassis components etc.
  •  Appliance Manufacturing: Washing machines, Refrigerators etc.
  • Infrastructure: Traffic light poles, guardrails etc.
  • Agriculture: Silos for grain storage; Fencing etc.

Factors Influencing the Galvanised Steel Price in India

Many factors have an effect on galvanised steel price in India and globally:

Zinc Cost: It is by far the key element used for coating whose global market price volatility affects its manufactured final price.

Steel Price: The basic steel pricing also has a great role. Changes in raw steels prices used in galvanizing will thus be revealed in their final product’s cost.

Energy Costs: Hot-dip galvanizing is an energy-intensive process. This implies that fluctuations in energy costs, especially natural gas prices, can affect manufacturing cost and consequently selling prices.

Supply and Demand: Market forces determine supply and demand. In case demand for galvanised steel outstrips supply, then prices may go up. On the other hand, oversupply may cause reductions in prices.

Government Regulations: Some government policies or regulations such as import duty or environmental regulations can therefore increase production costs which directly affect pricing.

Importation Costs: Since in addition to local production some of this steel is imported into India, import duties and global steel prices may impact the overall market rate.

Internal Steel Production: India’s main producer of steel has irregular prices for domestic products which then affect the cost of galvanised steel.

Importation Charges: India also imports a portion of galvanised steel. The global price levels and import duties may affect the ultimate price in the market.

The galvanised steel price in India is very flatulating and market demand for this steel is huge and changing. There are various aspects that determine the prices of such materials in this country.

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